Our services include: Exclusively and only the services listed above, except for extensions the parts may expressly agree.
Our services do not include:
1) extra services, telephone calls, voluntary tips to drivers and guides, laundry and ironing, and any other service not specified when the reservation was booked.
2) The Tzedakot (contributions), for the institutions are not included in the tours, will be requested at the end of each visit.
3) In our tours we visit different public and private institutions, which are booked according to the schedule of the organization and the date and the choice of the guest. Boomerang Viajes, as the tour Operator, will make the reservation, but the access depend on the decision of the authorities at the time of the visit.
Transport: Only included in the case it’s properly specified in the correspondent item. The Transport services are provided by the companies contracted for each tours. Vehicle or bus transportation, exclusively for the amount of people requesting the services.
Luggage: The traveler’s luggage and personal belongings are not a part of the transport contract, being considered as such all the objects the guest keeps with himself, wherever the place of the vehicle they’re put and the luggage the passenger carry at his own risk The tour operator is not obliged to respond for any loss or damage the objects may suffer during the trip, for any cause, also in the manipulation occurred in the transfer between airport-hotel/airport.
The passenger has the right to reclaim the loss or damage to the transport or insurance companies applying their conditions. The transport ticket is the only contract between the companies and the passenger.
Accommodation: The Company guarantees quality accommodation in the requested hotel or a similar one.

1) for safety reasons, to enter the institutions of the Jewish community, a personal ID will be needed.
2) For trips abroad it’s necessary to comply with the legislation in force in each case. It is the agency’s inexcusable responsibility to inform in the proper way and with sufficient anticipation the requirements demanded by the migration, customs and sanitary authorities of the destinations included in the tour, being the passenger’s responsibility to carry the personal documentation demanded by the authorities.

Dates and Schedule: The land transport, the date and the schedule of departure and return is established by the contracted land transport companies, it could be modify by them depending on the availability of the vehicles they have in each circumstances and other reasons they may determine.
The passenger’s air transport it will be carry out in a regular frequency that are contracted with the commercial airlines companies. The departure and return schedule of flights are determinate by this airlines company, they could be modified by the companies depending on the availability of planes and schedule they offer in each opportunity or for other reasons may determined.
Consequently, the responsible tour operator can not be held any responsibility in those eventually changes in the schedules caused by third parts.
The passenger is obliged to respect all the schedules stipulated, and any extra expense resulted by his neglect should be paid by him.
1)The tour operator (E.V. T. 10947 DNST 754) reserves itself the right of performing partial or total modifications in the timetable and the services included due to fortuitous causes and/or grater force not imputable to the provider, before or during the course of the services.
2)The company will be able to annul any tour in case one of the circumstances considered in the article 24 Decret N 2182/72 occur.
3) Once the trip started, and the passenger for any personal reason of any kind suspends, modifies or interrupts the services, he can not reclaim for reimbursement or devolution.
4)In case of complete trips that include transport, with fix schedule, will be delayed or annulled, if the minimum quantity of travelers demanded for the normal fulfillment of the tour is not completed, the passengers have the right to receive a reimbursement of the amount paid without interests or indemnification.
5)If the journey is prolonged beyond the terms accorded due to fortuitous causes beyond the company’s control, or due to grater force, any extra expense should be paid by the passenger.
Responsibility: The Company (E.V.T. 10954 DNST 754) 1) declares itself as a mediator during the reservation or contract of the different services related and included in the respective tour or service reservation: hotels, restaurants, transport, or other providers. Despite this, the responsibilities of the company, being organizer or mediator in the trip, will be determined according to the dispositions contained in the International Convention relating to Travel Contract approved by law nº 19.918. 2) the company doesn’t assume responsibility for events occurred by fortuitous causes or grater force, climatic phenomenon or nature events that occur before or during the development of the tour that prevent, delay or in any way obstruct the total or partial execution of the promised provisions by the company, according to the prescriptions of the Civil Code.
Order of Services: All passengers will have to take the services booked by the Agency with an Order of Services called “Voucher”. This order will have to specify clearly the contract services, regular or private ones. There will be a Voucher for every contracted service. In case of taking more than one room, a Voucher will be emitted for each one of them. It will have to be specified the category of the room taken by the passenger. The extras charged by the agency will not be included.
Payment: All the reservations of individual passengers will be confirmed once the 30% advance payment is paid and the remaining amount it will made before the provision of the services, according to what is agreed with the administrative department of our company. The priced will be fixed only once the total service is paid and the service is provided. In the case of groups, the service will be reserved with a deposit of the 50% of the total cost in our bank account.
Refunds: Absolutely no refunds will be granted for reasons of services voluntarily declined by the passenger.
Cancellations: The cancellation fee for “NO-SHOW” or the annulment to the reservations made by the Agency and not cancelled in time and form, will be 50% of the services . In High Season, a minimum of 7 working days anticipation will be required for cancellations, and 5 working days in Low Season; less prior day to departure or excursion day the cancellation charge will be of 100% of the services
Cession and Transference: the right given to the passenger by the tourism services contract, can be yielded or transferred to other people up to 30 days before the departure date, as long as the prescriptions of the transport, hotel and other provider of the services do not oppose. In the case the passengers have different ages (adult – minor), the price will be adjusted according to price list. In all cases of cession or transference, the company will have the right to charge a 10% overprice.
Fees: All fees are subject to change without notice.
Knowledge of the passenger: when making the reservation for any of our tours the passenger explicitly declares to know and accept all of the above stated clauses.
Norms of application: This contracts and the provision of the services will prevail exclusively by this General Conditions, by Law nº 18.829 and its regulation, and by the Convention of Bruselas approved by Law nº 19.918. The present General Conditions, along with the remaining documentation given to the passengers, will constitute the Travel Contract established by the quoted Convention.
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