Flexibility/ tailor made: Our products will be adapted to each client profile, according to his expectations, interests, tastes and requirements.
Existentialism: Kehilatí pretends to transmit through this experience knowledge, feelings, sensations and emotions.
Creativity: Through different kinds of creative techniques and the relation between Kehilatí and our guest, we assure you to live a cozy atmosphere; inviting and encouraging to use all of your senses.
Surprise: Our proposal is surprises and experiences to discover.
Personalized Service: We look for an intense relation, and a very deep approach between the staff of Kehilatí and our clients. To be able to reach all of our goals we recommend working with small groups.
Quality and excellence: we look for the higher satisfaction of our clients with an excellent service adequate for each one of them.
Our guides: our guides have participated actively in the design of the product; therefore they are identified with it.
Specialized approach: Kehilatí is specialized in tourism products related with Judaism in Argentina, what makes us experts in the subject.
We know and understand of Judaism and tourism: we, the ones who designed and operate these products are professional experts.
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